Girls Trip

Girls Trip

Girls Trip

Girls Trip

Four girlfriends take a trip to New Orleans for an annual festival and, along the way, rediscover their wild sides and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.

Girls Trip Details

Title Girls Trip
Air Date Jul 21, 2017
Runtime 122 Minutes
Genres Comedy,
Languages en,

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Girls Trip REVIEWS

  • Great Funny Movie For Adults Only. I Saw It Without My Son Muhammad.

    July 31st, 2017

    This movie is absolutely funny from start to finish. The Black actresses are cute and multi-talented.. Girls Trip is an adult movie with nudity scene and adult language and not suitable for anyone whose age is below 17.Nevertheless,it will make you laugh out loudly and definitely will cheer you up if you are sad.. The film's plot follows the story...

  • Wonderful, Soul Searching, Brilliantly Made

    July 24th, 2017

    I enjoy this movies so much. I never laughed and cried so hard while watching a movie. What I love about this movie is we girls or sisters have to stick together in good or bad times. Hiding the truth in your relationship eventually the ugly will be known. Some stay in relationship for money, fame, most of all for the fear we failed. We stay away ...

  • Hilarious

    July 24th, 2017

    This movie was so absolutely funny from start to finish. All four characters played by Regina, Queen Latifa, Jada, and Tiffany had something valuable to bring to the movie, no character was more valuable than the other. This movie was a great displayed of #BlackGirlMagic. ...

  • Girls Trip is Entertaining, Wild, and Raunchy!

    July 24th, 2017

    I just love entertaining, wild, and raunchy comedies like Girls Trip! I am glad I am not a prude; otherwise, I would have missed one of the best comedies I have ever seen in a long time! The comedy in this movie feels real ole school, ole school, like Moms Mabely, Jimmy Lynch, and Redd Foxx! Will Packer, you have created another Masterpiece, a Mas...

  • Great comedy full of laughs.

    August 9th, 2017

    I just saw this yesterday with my wife and I wanted to see it more than her. It was absolutely hilarious. I grew up watching Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett, and Regina hall. Tiffany Haddish was amazing as the funny as hell / silly friend she portrays. Haddish had some of the funniest lines / scenes I've ever witnessed and she played them very well. I...

  • Makes me wanna take a trip with my girls from High School!!!

    July 31st, 2017

    This movie had me rollin' off the reclining chairs at AMC. I could see it over and over again. It amazed me how much the ladies in this film reminded me of me and my girls back in high school. Yea, we coulda made this movie too...lmbo!!! Great cast and the flow was superb. Nice to see them filming in the Big Easy. ...

  • Best movie I've seen in a WHILE!

    July 25th, 2017

    I laughed. I cried. There was never a dull moment! This movie will give you all of the feels: it's not a typical romcom, female lead "girl power" male bashing movie. It'll make you value every relationship you have those you have it with ESPECIALLY your relationship with yourself. I'll watch this movie until I can't anymore. I loved it! ...

  • Girls Trip

    July 29th, 2017

    Girls Trip was an absolute blast. It was non stop laughs. This has been the best comedy since Bad Moms. This movie deserves a sequel with out a question. The acting was fantastic. I did not find one bad thing in this movie. Queen Latifah was spot on. The best comedy of the year no question. If any comedy movie has a chance of getting an academy aw...

  • Hilarious from beginning to end!

    July 23rd, 2017

    I am not one to go to the theater to see a comedy. I prefer big budget Hollywood blockbusters, science fiction, etc. but I love all Jada, Queen, and Regina so I wanted to support (plus I got free tickets to an advanced screening, so why not LOL). Low and behold, I have never laughed so hard at a comedy movie in a very long time and I mean like lau...

  • Fantastic movie! Greatly exceeded my expectations

    August 9th, 2017

    Following a push towards a greater representation of minority ethnicities in pop culture overall, Girls Trip is a movie where black people are shown as the majority and the white characters are used for comedic relief and almost as commonly as black actors in most modern movies. Released in 2017, Malcolm D. Lee's Girls Trip follows the Flossy Poss...

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