In 13th century Ireland a group of monks must escort a sacred relic across an Irish landscape fraught with peril.

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Title Pilgrimage
Air Date Aug 11, 2017
Runtime 96 Minutes
Networks Bord Scannan na hEireann / Irish Film Board, Centre du Cinéma et de lAudiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, XYZ Films, Wrong Men North, Savage Productions,
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama,
Country Ireland,
Languages en,

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Pilgrimage REVIEWS

  • Strong and compelling medieval adventure-drama

    June 25th, 2017

    In the early 13th century a group of monks are tasked to transport an ancient holy relic from their remote monastery in Ireland to Rome. They have organised assistance along the way in the form of some French soldiers but events do not pan out in a straightforward way.. This Irish adventure-drama is one which manages to capture its period feel whi...

  • Much better than expected based on its trailer.

    July 3rd, 2017

    PILGRIMAGE (2017). This is the new film from the Irish director of the excellent 2009 flick called SAVAGE about an assault on a news reporter in Dublin (and it's aftermath) and I gotta say, if Werner Herzog had made this film rather than one about an Amazonian trek he wudda been quite happy. . The film is set in the early 1200s in Ireland where su...

  • Great atmosphere, fine movie

    July 4th, 2017

    Yes this film is bloody. For some the scenes might even be shocking, but I really enjoyed this film. Acting was good, the suspense build up was very good. And at no point did it seem the violence was unnecessary. If you enjoy historical type films and don't mind seeing a head bashed in close up, you will enjoy this. ...

  • Strong , Bold and Mind Provoking ,, Good Adventure through past

    July 13th, 2017

    I've gone for this movie with no expectations based on its rating ,, but I was really surprised .. This movie is really Powerful that after its end it would make you think for a while about your convictions or the principles of your beliefs . * maybe not going wrong with them but just questioning *. It discusses things not about religion but parti...

  • Could be the beginning of a great saga

    July 7th, 2017

    This film is great, believable action, characters and setting. Good soundtrack, charismatic actors, it's well paced and has decent camera work.. The story has a certain pen and paper role-playing feel to it, we have a party of adventurers going on a quest, and there aren't many movies made like that.. The novelty of it aside, it never gets boring ...

  • What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul

    July 16th, 2017

    As a student of theology I am always drawn to movies like this. However, I am often left disappointed, and somewhat frustrated. This one is no exception but overall it is definitely worth a watch. As a movie it is a good yarn with a story line that moves along quite nicely. As far as performances go they are very strong. Tom Holland is a great you...

  • Ancient Ireland: a fierce land of pagan superstition, ardent Christians, and invaders...

    July 20th, 2017

    The ancient times of Ireland are fascinating, yet rarely represented in cinema. This film offers a glimpse of the burgeoning Christian faith, ancient and mysterious pagan traditions, and military upheaval. These forces characterise Ireland in the 1200s. There are clashes between belief systems and brutal military forces. The film portrays devout f...

  • raw and well told

    July 9th, 2017

    This is very good. far more realistic than Hollywood might produce. it's interesting, much dogma was born of superstition, identifications that without science, were attributed to whatever godly (natural) forces our people believed in at the time. However, belief is a force unto itself and it does serve to manipulate circumstance. that is in here ...

  • The coolest part has got be Bernthal as the badass mentally unstable antihero!

    August 11th, 2017

    'PILGRIMAGE': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five) . An Irish medieval thriller starring Tom Holland (now of 'SPIDER-MAN' fame) and Jon Bernthal (of TV's 'THE PUNISHER' fame, and 'THE WALKING DEAD'). It tells the story of a group of Irish monks (in 1209 Ireland) transporting a holy relic to Rome. When they realize just how important the relic is, t...

  • Reasonably well-made but boring

    July 5th, 2017

    First of all, I must say that I primarily enjoy movies for entertainment and elements such as story, script and even acting come second. This movie, although reasonably well-made, falls very short in the entertainment department and I found myself checking the clock many times and wondering when something exciting would happen. After reading anoth...

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